Spanish, Russian and Chinese coming soon

Hello Vexa Global members,

We would like to share some important information.
Currently, our IT team is working so hard to make our website available in 3 new languages: Spanish, Russian and Chinese. We will add it as soon as possible. Probably by the end of April.

We're also working on a marketing plan in new languages and roll-ups.

We can not wait for our first events in Europe and Asia!
In the coming days, we will also add our trading results available to our users in back office.

Our employees are working on the opening of our new office in Estonia, and around May 10 we will receive all the necessary licenses. The first ATMs will also appear in May and will be available to everyone in the first queues in Estonia, Ukraine and China.

We're preparing a lot of surprises and news for you.
Vexa Global Team

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