Partner Program of Vexa Global Regional Offices

Dear users, as you know, our company has launched a special „Partner Program of Vexa Global Regional Offices” around the world. Today we want to present you with the exact conditions on which the program will work all over the world and what benefits you can get from it.

The program will be constantly developed all over the world to reach a minimum of 100 partner offices on all continents.

The Vexa Global Regional Office partner program is a project directed to all leaders with level 7 (MANAGER) and higher, actively promoting our platform Vexa Global. Our goal is to achieve measurable benefits for both parties - to increase brand recognition and help structures around the world.

The goal of the program is to create effective mechanisms to promote Vexa Global and to disseminate commercial information about services rendered and products manufactured by the company.

The dynamic development of our platform and partner offices means, in fact, greater comfort of work, greater automation of work, more satisfied customers and even better communication.

The office affiliate program is an open project that is constantly being developed.

Who can join the Program?

Any partner after exceeding level 7 (Manager) who has an active package in the company and who is a verified user of Vexa Global can join the program.

Benefits of joining the program:

  • Access to very beneficial, special, dedicated exclusively to participants of the affiliate program promotions announced by Vexa Global;
  • The possibility of getting a one-time grant of up to $3000 for opening the office and further support;
  • Possibility of receiving special graphic materials prepared especially for your Team;
  • Faster contact with support;
  • Possibility to submit own proposals for platform development;
  • Marketing support and the opportunity to receive special promotional gadgets.

Conditions of joining the program:

  • Reaching the MANAGER level or higher;
  • Being an active partner;
  • Office with a minimum area of ​​50 square meters;
  • Company logo placed on the wall;
  • There must be company gadgets in the office (rollups, pens, briefcases, notebooks, etc.);
  • Maximum one office in one city;
  • Verified account at Vexa Global;
  • Presenting a lease agreement for the premises or act of ownership.

Stages of joining the Partner Program:

  • Email at [email protected] - obtaining permission to open an office in a city;
  • After receiving consent you must meet the conditions for joining the program;
  • Office preparation;
  • Send film and photos from the official opening of the office ;
  • Get one-time bonus up to $3000 and further support.
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