Interview with our CEO - Thomas Alvec

  • 1. Please introduce yourself and tell us something about yourself.

My name is Thomas Alvec, I am 31, I do not have children yet, but I have an amazing fiancée who always supports me. I live my everyday life between the USA, Russia and Estonia. From 2014, I helped in co-creating government projects for two countries regarding blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as an external consultant. I also helped one of the larger companies introducing one of the first ATMs three years ago to buy and sell Bitcoins in America. For several months I was also involved in helping create ICO as an external consultant. Today we can see this cryptocurrency in the TOP 100 coinmarketcap which means that we have done a really good job. I hope that I will use all my previous experience by implementing many interesting and innovative products for the Vexa Global platform.

  • 2. What products do you intend to introduce?

At the moment we have a lot of ideas for new products and what you see at the moment on our website is just a foretaste of what is to come in the near future. Our main goal is to create an ATM network around the world in cooperation with our partners. Another is to create a new and unique platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Our next product will be a bot for trading and within a dozen or so months we will introduce our own token and wallet to store cryptocurrencies. It is also very important for us to educate our partners about blockchain technology, so we will systematically conduct seminars on this subject.

  • 3. Which markets do you want to focus your business on?

In the initial phase, we thought to focus strongly on the European market, but right now, after consulting with many leaders in China, Vietnam, South Korea and Malaysia, we would like to focus on these markets, as we are seeing amazing potential in Asia. Of course, we will simultaneously develop Europe, North and South America. For now, we are lacking only good leaders in Africa.

  • 4. How do you relate to negative information about you from the competition?

I am extremely sorry that our direct competition is resorting to such low blows as paid advertising, articles or videos about us. During the engagement in my previous projects I have never encountered such behaviors. This, of course, demonstrates their low level and great fear of us. I suggest them to focus more on developing their own projects, so that they don't end up left behind. I, as well as the entire team, ignore this type of information because we know our value and will soon be heard of far and wide.

  • 5. Can you tell us more about your team?

Our team is not very big at the moment, keep in mind that Vexa Global is a new start-up. We employ a total of 20 people, more than half of whom form our team of traders, most of whom work remotely, being outsourced. In our office in Tallinn at the moment there are a few people working on the support, we have a great technical and marketing department, which will soon prepare many great promotional materials.

  • 6. Will you be available at company events?

Of course, yes, I will try to be at every event, we already have designated countries in which we will organize the first events - more on that in the middle of June. We are also wrapping up preparing a special partner program for offices for our leaders, so we are not wasting time and we work hard to enter every market in the world.

  • 7. Could you please reveal something about the leader's office program?

At this stage, I can only give out so much information, as official info will be released in June. However, each of our leaders, after reaching the appropriate level, will be able to open a partner office which will be supported by our platform, which will offer huge development opportunities for our partners.

  • 8. Will you publish the trading reports and show the results?

To tell you the truth, we haven't planned for it, but after the visit of leaders in our office we decided to dispel all our partners' doubts, and so we will soon make all trading reports available and we will periodically share them so that each of our partners could have a preview of our results that our experienced traders obtain.

  • 9. The last question that many people ask: Why are not you available on social media?

Because I am trying to separate my private and professional life, of course I am in social media but only for my nearest and dearest; not everyone can find me. For me, the most important thing is balance and separation of private and professional life, combining those definitely interferes in interpersonal relations and causes conflicts. Of course, at the moment, due to the fact that the Vexa Global project is developing so unusually, I will create special business accounts where partners will be able to contact me and track what is happening in the company.

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