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Have you been waiting to invest in the lucrative cryptocurrency market, but have not known how to get started? With Vexa Global, that isn’t a problem anymore. With simple plans to cater to users of any size andsophisticated cryptocurrency trading tools and exchanges, you are just minutes away from making your first successful trade.

Members already using Vexa Global’s cryptocurrency trading platforms as earning as much as 1% a day, consistently, with trades executed based on signals and strategies provided by Vexa Global’s advanced intelligence tools.

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1. Click on "Register" button

Please click on the yellow "Register" button, a pop-up window will appear in front of you, carefully fill in all the necessary fields

2. Fill in the registration form

  1. E-mail

    Be sure to specify the current active e-mail as you will receive a link/code to activate your account

  2. Password

    Enter a strong password, at least 6 characters

  3. Repeat password

    Enter your password one more time to make sure you remember it and make no mistake

  4. Upline

    Your superior sponsor, under whom you are registered in the system. He may differ from the partner who invited you. Your sales are credited to his turnover

  5. Inviter

    The person who invited you to the company is your direct sponsor. Your sales are credited to his turnover, he also receives income from your sales through the referral system

3. Confirm Registration

Please, confirm the entered data, a email with a code and activation link will be sent to your mail

4. Activate your account

You have received an email with a code and an activation link. Copy the code and paste it into the window that appears. It is also necessary to enter a nickname that will be displayed in the structure of partners

If you closed this window without confirming registration, you can use the activation link, in this case the code will be entered automatically and you will only need to enter a nickname

  1. Nickname

  2. Code from email

  • Registration code

    A code that allows you to activate your account

  • Activation link

    In case you accidentally interrupted the registration process

If you accidentally interrupted the registration process, click on the activation link and continue registration.
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