General questions

What does Vexa Global do?

Vexa Global deals with wide-scale trading on the forex market and cryptocurrency. We also invest in startups dealing with modern technology. From May 2019, you can find our ATMs in Europe, Asia and North America where you can sell or buy bitcoins. In the July 2019 we will also introduce our own cryptocurrency exchange. We have also developed a unique cryptocurrency payment system, which we will introduce to the public in 2020.

Can I create more than one account?

Each user can have only one account in the Vexa Global platform, but we do not prohibit the registration of family members.

Do I need to verify my account?

The company does not require mandatory verification of its identity, but in the case of receiving material prizes or suspected fraud, verification is obligatory.

Do you share my info with third parties?

We guarantee non-disclosure of every user and their info. All data is stored encrypted in confidential purposes.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password directly from your members area by editing it in your personal profile.

My question is not answer here, what should i do?

You can contact our support directly at any time.

Are you a registered company?

Yes, we are a legally register company in the USA. Registration details can be checked in the "about us" bookmark.

Vexa Global have licenses?

Since Vexa Global platform is not an investment fund or a broker, and does not manage funds of third parties we do not need to obtain a license of any kind.To view the company's incorporation certificates, go to "about us" page.

Can I order Vexa Global ATM for myself?

Yes, each of our users can order their own ATM signed with Vexa Global ATM. If you want to order an ATM, please contact our support directly. They will provide all information.


When are the profits from Basic, Premium or Exclusive packages transfer to my wallet?

  • From the Basic package, profits are added daily to a special Basic account and then transferred every Friday to the MAIN BALANCE.
  • From the Premium package, profits are added daily to a special Premium account and then transferred every second Friday (2 weeks) to the MAIN BALANCE.
  • From the Exclusive package, profits are added daily to a special Exclusive account and then transferred every fourth Friday (4 weeks) to the MAIN BALANCE.

How long do I have to wait for the withdrawal?

Withdrawals are from Monday to Friday within 24 to 72 hours.

How can I withdraw the funds?

You can withdraw funds directly to your Bitcoin address.

When packages start working?

Packages start working from the next business day after buying the package.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, and the commission added to each withdrawal regardless of the amount is $5. The maximum withdrawal amount is $10,000. The number of processing withdrawals is not limited.

What is Main Balance for?

Main Balance accumulates profits from purchased packages.

What is Fund Balance for?

On Fund Balance you can see your deposits.

Is it possible to transfer funds between partners?

Yes, funds can be transferred in any way between users.

Can I cancel my withdrawal?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your withdrawal.

Are there any withdrawal limits?

Yes, the one-time withdrawal amount is maximum $10,000, but the amount of processing withdrawal is not limited.

Will I receive commissions from the entire structure?

Yes, you can receive commissions from the entire structure, regardless of the level.

How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?

The deposit will be added after 3-6 network confirmations. The processing time is from 30 minutes to 24 hours. If you still do not know what a Bitcoin confirmation is, please learn more at

What is a difference between Basic, Premium or Exclusive package?

  • Basic package is active for 130 workings days. As a holder of the Basic package you get the basic benefits resulting from the functioning of Vexa Global platform.
  • Premium package is active for 150 working days. As a holder of the Premium package you get better benefits from the functioning of Vexa Global platform.
  • Exclusive Package is active for 180 working days. As a holder of the Exclusive package, you get the best benefits of running Vexa Global platform.

With the introduction of our new products depending on the package, you will be able to receive additional discounts.

Affiliate program

When I will get the Career Bonus?

Bonuses for a career (cash) are granted within a maximum of 30 minutes after reaching a given level. In the case of material prizes (Iphone, Macbook, Rolex, Cars), their collection is possible in the company's office or on official events.

Can I change my sponsor?

Sponsor change is not possible.

Why Vexa Global need users?

The MLM industry is a good advertising lever, which is characterized by outstanding sales indicators.
In MLM, you can always advertise a product word-for-mouth and we know that people trust each other more than advertising on TV.
In addition, millions of people around the world building MLM business can become financially independent and create their own lucrative business on the example of the Vexa Global platform.

Do I need to have active package in order to participate in your affiliate program?

No, It is free to earn from our affiliate program without having package. You only need to open an account and start to promote our site. As a free member you can only earn comissions from direct partners and you can't get any bonuses from carrier.

Who can become Vexa Global client?

Anyone over 18 years old may become our client.