Company history

On July 16, 2015 - Ernest Bogdanov founded Global Partner LLC. Uses his own experience gained during his professional career. The company specializes in providing financial analysis and creating analytical tools for the forex market.
In 2016, the company entered to a new blockchain technology sector. As we all know this was a breakthrough year for all crypto enthusiasts. Ernest and his analytic team exactly know when to enter the market and take big profits of it.
In 2017, seeing the huge market opportunity, the company effectively multiplies capital by investing in cryptocurrencies. They learned a lot about crypto and the whole market. They decided to develop more tool for traders and crypto users.
In 2018, the company entered the sector and supported startups. Bogdanov and his team were always looking for a great investment with the possibility of high ROI.They saw huge potential in emerging markets and crypto enthusiastic.
In 2019, Global Partner LLC has opened up to an individual customer around the world and opened Vexa Global platform, which gives the opportunity to profit from new technology and trading. As they have fundamental knowledge about emerging markets is the best opportunity to join the well-trained team of managers and traders.


Our Vexa Global Team of experienced experts in the field of innovation, use the right combination of investment strategies to achieve our goal! Our team focuses on global analysis, solid research and modern technologies that give us unique opportunities that allow us to better anticipate risk and create fantastic results, thus protecting our clients wallets from any risk!

  • VexaGlobal platform launch
  • First VexaGlobal crypto ATM
  • Vexa cryptocurrency exchange launch
  • Own token release
  • Trading bot launch
Document registry
Global Partner LLC is an international private investment and management company established in United States. Our company became incorporated on July 2015 verified with company number: 5786769.
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  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Skype: VexaGlobal
  • Company name: Global partner LLC
  • Public office: Hong Kong, coming soon